Dango @ Cranston, RI

Dango @ Rhodes on Pawtuxet River – Dec ’46

2nd December Cranston, Rhode Island – Rhodes-On-The-Pawtuxet (!5,000 sq ft Ballroom}

Under Ellington’s leadership in the state of Rhode Island, at “Rhodes on the Pawtuxet” Ballroom in Cranston. The state of Rhode Island had, of course, been the scene of one of Ellington’s most significant — and certainly most publicized – triumphs, some thirty miles to the east in Newport. That evening the band, inspired by Rhode Island native Paul Gonsalves’ driving 27 chorus bridge between “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue”,

1923Rhodes on the Pawtuxet

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet River – At least once a month in the late 50’s you could go dancing to a really big band.  Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington. Dave Brubeck, Lester Lanin, Gene Krupa, Terry Gibbs etc.

Originally consisting of a series of buildings, including a stateroom, pavilion, and waterfront facilities, today only a ballroom and gazebo survive