Tony Marshall

Tony Marshall – Jazz Guitarist


7-string player Tony Marshall with his colleague Trefor Owen and their Sonntag archtops.
Both belong to the creme-de-la-creme of the British Jazz guitar scene.

TonyMarshallGuest Tony Marshall stood up next to play a spot with Roy Sainsbury. This was excellent and the combination of Tony’s 7-string sound and Roy’s neat little Gibson ES150 archtop made great listening. They kicked off with Out Of Nowhere with lots of nice soloing and bass line comping and all very tight as if they had been playing together for years. They followed this with Wave, which had a nice and relaxed Latin feel. After this, Trefor Owen joined Tony and I thought that the extra richness of the 7-string guitar underpinned Trefor’s fretboard mastery brilliantly. It was a great spot and both players swapped roles frequently to deliver terrific interpretations of You Stepped Out Of A Dream and Manha De Carnaval.

GuitarsJimmy Foster St Charles Ave 7-string Custom with EMG active electronics, quite simply the best guitar I have ever owned. I have two of them and the 2nd one, a 7 string with a Charlie Christian pu, is a very close second.

Just to let you know that the amplifier arrived safely this morning. My 1st impressions are very good, what a fantastic amp! I have always found that if you plug into an amplifier with all the controls set flat and you immediately like the sound then it is going to be fine. So I did that and the sound from my Foster 7 string was amazing, it is the first time I think I have heard the guitar, electrically, sounding the way it should. It is also the 1st time I haven’t had to reduce the treble drastically, using the guitar tone control. I had the treble full on and was still getting a beautiful mellow sound without losing the body of it, which is generally what happens when you start to use the guitar tone control to excess. When I started to experiment with the equalisation, the sound was even better. I found the 300Hz particularly effective. Boosting it slightly seems to increase the warmth and fullness of sound; I have to confirm that the comments of your endorsers, on your website, are all correct and I have to agree wholeheartedly with what they say. So thanks for producing such a fine amplifier, I think you are making a lot of jazz guitarists very happy!  – Tony Marshall on Henriksen Guitar Amp

Oddly enough I know of Tony Marshall, because he lives in Brittany, where I spend several months a year, and saw him play at a Jazz festival there backing a singer, whose name escapes me.  I didn’t get to speak to him, but may come across him again, as I go to the festival every year, usually with my guitar to join in the jam sessions they have.  Personally I’m still playing, but my real work which involves very strange hours makes gigging very difficult. I was playing with a gypsy band called Petites Annonces, but fell out with them a while ago now.  Nick Powell