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Judd Proctor Guitarist 1933 –


Judd Proctor, from Doncaster b 2nd Jan 1933
Originally played plectrum banjo but switched to acoustic guitar at 14, played gigs with local bands and won a regional Melody Maker contest with The Zetland Players.  Did National Service in 1951-53 with the RAF and while stationed at Maidstone played in Les Evans rehearsal band and took lessons from Ike Isaacs.

National Dance band Championship Picture 1949 from Michael Wiper – the Bassist Phil Wiper’s Grandson – also a Bassist – who wishes to receive more info on Judd Proctor and any surviving original Zetland Players. (new) – Zetland Players  name inspired by Zetland Road, Doncaster.


The photograph show on the site of The Zetland Players was taken at the Danum Hotel in Doncaster.   

The name of the Zetland Players was derived from Zetland Road in Doncaster.  As both your grand father, Harry and Phil Elwiss lived in Zetland Road when the band was formed by them.  Phil Elwiss passed away in 1990. The band was

Phil Elwiss alto sax and clarinet
Ivor Goodhead piano
Harry Wiper bass
Judd Proctor guitar
Fred Bessant drums. Fred is still with us. – (supplied by Claire E Clark)

After demobilisation he did his 1   st professional work with .  Played summer seasons with various bands then then moved to London to join Drummer Norman Burns Band from February until July 55.

Norman Burns Band – March 25th, 1955 (Esquire)
Ian Cameron (tp), Martin Slavin (vib), Dave Davani (accor), John Smith (p), Judd Procter (g), Peter Hugget (b), Norman Burns (d). 
Davani’s Design/Wooftide/Yesterdays/Without A Shout.

Judd Procter was  member of Ray Ellington’s Quartet for 6 years from July 1955.  Many radio dates included the Goon Show broadcasts.. He left Ray Ellington to concentrate on session work, playing for television radio, recordings etc.  Took time out to tour Japan with Stanley Black 1965 and to work with Benny Goodman on record and on various concerts in England 1971.

Judd Proctor with Ray Ellington 4 with tight interplay between Proctor and pianist Dick Katz.


The Ray Ellington Quartet evolved when Ray joined the Caribbean Trio, a touring group comprising Dick Katz on piano, West Indians Lauderic Caton on guitar and Coleridge Goode on bass. Their concert debut took place on Sunday 7 December 1947 when they appeared on one of Ted Heath’s London Palladium Swing Sessions. In addition to radio and television broadcasts (TV having resumed, having been so rudely interrupted by the war), a recording contract with Parlophone was secured. It is thanks to many of Ray’s Parlophone, Decca and Columbia records made between 1948 and 1955 that we are able to enjoy here forty varied and entertaining sides.* There were a few personnel changes within the quartet over the years from May 1949; Lauderic Caton was the first to go (he was replaced by Laurie Deniz)

Dick Katz
Pianist Dick Katz was born in Germany in 1916 and moved to Holland in 1933. He came to England in the early 1940s and joined Carlo Krahmer in 1942 and also Harry Parry’s Sextet. In 1944 he worked with Cab Kaye before service in the RAF. Katz was an adaptable musician and work followed with the Vic Lewis / Jack Parnell Jazzmen and the Lauderic Caton Trio. He also led his own trio in 1946. He worked briefly with Buddy Featherstonhaugh and then rejoined the Caribbean Trio which formed the basis of the Ray Ellington Quartet where he stayed until 1959. He then quit full time music to work in a theatrical agency eventually managing various artistes, although he still played gigs in the 1960s

Superb musician, pianist Dick Katz who, can adapt to any style. Dick was an original member of the Ray Ellington Quartet, along with West Indian guitarist Lauderic Caton, who we had first heard during the war years with Harry Parry’s Radio Rhythm Club Sextet, and another West Indian, Coleridge Goode on bass. Ray himself had, of course, come to the fore prior to the war when he took over the drum stool with the Harry Roy Orchestra. The quartet was later joined by the charming and stylish vocalist, Marion Ryan and, ,when Caton and Goode moved on, the former was succeeded in turn by Laurie Deniz, Don Fraser and Judd Proctor, and the latter by Bob Duff, Ken Sprang and Peter McGurk. When Marion Ryan went solo. she was succeeded by yet another charming stylist in the person of Valerie Masters, who was to become Mrs. Katz.

Ray Ellington was born in London as Harry Pitts Brown on 17 March 1916, to a Russian Jewish mother and an African-American father. A singer, drummer, and bandleader, his Ray Ellington Quartet had a regular musical segment on the The Goon’s radio show,

Judd Procter Plays Cavaquinho

Judd Proctor was often in Don Lusher’s big band during the late 70’s and 80’s but mainly occupied with session work in the 1990’s. Judd was an early sponsor of the Hofner President guitar Distributed by Selmer.

Date: March 13, 1977
Location: London Palladium, London [First & Second Shows At The Palladium]
Peggy Lee (ldr)
, Ken Barnes (pdr), Steve Taylor (eng), Peter Moore, Jack Parnell (con) Pete Moore & Jack Parnell Orchestras (acc), Bob Burns (as), Duncan Lamont, Tommy Whittle (ts), Kenny Baker (t), Richard Edwards, Don Lusher (tb), Tony Fisher (fh), Judd Proctor (g), Unknown (str), Ronnie Price (key), Ronnie Verrell (d), Peggy Lee (v)

 JudBanjomax 001

Max Harris and the Red Hot Peppers – A reconstruction of the music of Red Nicholl’s Band for Twyla Tharpe’s Ballet which was screened on the Aquarius arts programme of London Weekend Television.  Max Harris – Arranger
Recorded 1975
Pye NSPL 18455
Brian Lemon – Piano
Judd Proctor – Guitar/Banjo
Jock Cummings – Drums
Kenny Baker – Trumpet
Keith Christie – Trombone
Ian Christie – Clarinet/Soprano Sax
Roy Willox – Tuba
Jack Collier – Double Bass

 judd 001

Above info and images courtesy of Alex B – for Jack Cottler read Ian Christie (Clarinet)

Get Carter Film Score

Music by: Roy Budd
Performed by: Roy Budd, Jeff Clyne, Chris Karan, Brian Daly and Judd Proctor


Hofner Guitarists of the day C1957
Bert Weedon, Roy Plummer, Frank Deniz, Bill Shearer,  Dickie Bishop, Jeff Rowena, Judd Proctor, Tommy Steele, Dennis Newey (BBC NDO), Don Fraser, .

1960 – 64 Numerous series with bands led by guitarist Judd Proctor i.e. The Plainsmen, quintet, etc. Judd had been a member of the Ray Ellington Quartet on the Goon Show.