Andre De Vekey

Andre De Vekey –

Drummer, Bassist and Guitarist

 AndreDeVekeyAristone2One of the less idealistic comments on Jack Hylton comes from another bass player Andre De Vekey, with initial comment from journalist Chris Hayes.

As a journalist, I found Jack Hylton brusque and testy, but this was not characteristic according to Andre de Vekey, who played bass for him from 1933 to 1938. Andre…told me: ‘He was a strict disciplinarian, a hard taskmaster, a straight talker and a tough businessman, who liked to have his own way, but he had a kind streak and often helped his musicians when they were in trouble.

He was a good bandleader, who generated a lot of charisma and loyalty. Musicians liked him and enjoyed being with the band, although some resented his all-in contracts which meant one salary for everything we did. He worked hard himself and expected everyone else to do likewise. He was a grim perfectionist and our rehearsals could be interminable.’


A very sweet Gibson F-2 Mandolin from 1910. FON #1191, and featuring Inlaid Handel Tuners as well as the original Tooled Leather Case with the ‘drop out’ bottom design. This one appears to be all original and plays beautifully. There is a label inside reading ‘Sole British Agent: A. de Vekey indicating this one has spent most of its life in England.  Collectors and players alike will love this, nearly 100 year old, mandolin.  This mandolin is in great condition for its age.  It has a unique tone that is woody and warm.

Andre de Vekey 5 sessions 1935-1936 Instruments – bass, drums, guitar