Alan Metcalfe

Alan Metcalfe – Jazz Guitarist

Alan Metcalfe Electric Guitarist – was a regular Member of Ken Sykora’s Six and often appeared on Guitar Club as a Soloist

Perry Como came here for some dates and one of those odd quirks of fate put Kenny Clare on a new course. He was to appear with one of the TV Orchestras – one of the more straight outfits – and it was decided that he needed something a bit more stomping behind him. So Joe Muddel was brought in on bass, Alan Metcalfe on Guitar, and Kenny on drums.


Alan Metcalfe
also played with the Bill McGuffie Big Band
Bill McGuffie (piano);
Bob Burns, Peter Hughes (alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet);
Bobby Lamb, Jimmy Wilson, Keith Christie, Bill Geldard (Trombone)
Derek Watkins, John McLevy, Paul Tungay, Greg Bowen (trumpet);
Alan Metcalfe (guitar);
Frank Donnison (bass);
Bobby Midgley (drums).

With Denny Wright, –
Denny’s 1st Guitar an Epiphone at age 8-yrs, sold to him by Len Williams father of John Williams. His 1st Band formed 1937, played South-east London; Denny’s brother on Rhythm Guitar, while Denny gravitated to Lead. Member of Auxiliary Fire Service during Blitz, he suffered injuries and convalesced for 3 months in Morcambe; there met Guitarist Alan Metcalfe and started playing together; on return to London started playing at Jigg’s Club with Beryl Bryden.

Jack Toogood was a major session Musician living in Bristol and put together this Band for Radio & TV Shows of the period. Featuring Johnny Van Derrick on Violin, Alan Metcalfe on Rhythm Guitar and un-named Bassist & Drummer

Album – Swinging Scots 1957
Personnel: Johnny Keating (Conductor), Bobby Pratt [1 2 4 8 9],
Tommy McQuater [1 2 9], Eddie Blair [out 6],
Duncan Campbell [1 2 9], Jimmy Deuchar [1 2 3 5 7 9] (trumpets),
Jock Bain [1 2 9], Jimmy Wilson [1 2 9], Wally Smith [1 2 9],
George Chisholm [1 2 4 6 9] (trombones),
Burt Harden [1 2 4 8 9] (tuba), George Hunter [1 2 4 8 9],
Ronnie Baker [1 2 3 5 7 9] (alto saxophones),
Tommy Whittle [out 6],
Duncan Lamont [1 2 4 6 8 9] (tenor saxophones),
Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Andy Dennits (piano),
Alan Metcalfe (guitar), Jack Seymour (bass), Bobby Orr (drums).

Bill McGuffie Quartet
Bill McGuffie – piano (9 Fingered)
Alan Metcalfe – guitar
Jack Collier – bass
Jock Cummings – drums.

I was at the Wrexham Jazz Guitar Festival Aug 2004 and had the good fortune to get a new, limited edition CD featuring 19 tracks by Jack Toogood and his Swingtette. This acoustic music from the late ’50s/early ’60s is totally stunning and surpasses 99% of the ‘hot club’ derived music I get sent for review.  Jack was a major session man (and Djangophile) living in Bristol and put together this band for radio and TV shows of the period. Featuring Johnny Van Derrick on violin, Alan Metcalfe on Rhythm Guitar and un-named bassist & drummer Jack’s old Selmer sounds beautiful.  The arrangements of well-known standards are tight and inventive and whilst Django was his hero the music is not a slavish copy. Think more Henri Crolla or Sarene Ferret.  The music has been compiled by an ex-student of Jack’s who has done this as a labour of love, his only motive is that we should all hear this masterful playing. I am assured Jack is still alive and teaching as a sprightly 80-year-old. – Gadjo

Ken Sykora’s Guitar Club Band was ably supported by a varying line-up from a pool of Musicians including Reg Wale (vibes), Jimmy Macmillan (vibes),  Alan Metcalfe (guitar) Denny Purssord (guitar),  Sammy Stokes (bass), George Jennings (bass), Arthur Watts (bass), Allan Ganley (drums), Denny Percy (drums). Bruce Turner’s Alto was often present at the Performances with Ike Isaacs and the Guitar Club Group that made their way onto Saga Record’s 3 volume Guitar Club EP series, which was released in 1958.
on Saturday 9th April, 1960 the Guitar Club Group of Alan Metcalfe, Allan Ganley, Arthur Watts, Reg Wale & leader Ike Isaacs joined Ken for the last time.

Can anyone flesh out Alan Metcalfe? – Images Anecdotes etc
I was very pleased to read your appreciation of Alan Metcalfe. When very young, he played with Ambrose & his Orchestra. During the War, he was with Joe Loss. As a small boy, I remember being patted on the head by Joe Loss at post-Performance Parties, where I was taken by my parents. Later, during his Sessions and Bill McGuffie Period, Alan also worked a lot for the BBC and presented a Series of the Radio Jazz at Night programmes during the late 60’s.  I last saw him in 1963, when I visited him at home in Finchley with my parents.